Attention: music industry folks, writers, actors, speakers, healers, ministries, and entrepreneurs of all ages, skill level and walks of life...

SplashKit helps beginners and professionals alike to produce, package and promote top-notch records and other products. We're a consulting service with fresh ideas and 225 years of experience spread across 13 experts. Whether you need individual services or a complete "kit" to be fitted, you will find our fees to be competitive and reasonable.

Benefits of hiring SplashKit include: gaining an overall project manager to assist, ensuring a professional product, creating a buzz, developing plans that achieve dreams, stretching a budget further, measuring results, elevating public profile, connecting with new audiences, and retaining existing customers.

The possibilities are limitless. Let's get started today and make it happen!

-Eric "9Davine" Townsend

Produce, package and promote your talents and business with the SplashKit pros! No matter where your next destination lies, we'll prepare you for the journey and the opportunities ahead. Best practice and next generation services await you.

SplashKit services fall under three categories — but you can mix and match to taste. You can pack light with one item, or you can stuff your suitcase with a wide variety of services. Be sure to check out our pre-packaged KITS.

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When you're not sure which specific service(s) you need, but have a desired goal in mind (ie. to jumpstart a music career), then perhaps one of our kits fits you. Popular kits are below, check back for new options. We're open to suggestions!

Because kits include layers of service, their price can become cumbersome. To make them easier to afford, SplashKit offers gift certificates. Friends, patrons and family can all contribute to your desired kit. Call your agent for details.

Jumpstart Kit
Showcase Kit
Go Professional Kit

SplashKit experts are resourceful, take pride in craftsmanship, are passionate about service, and enjoy helping beginners and veterans alike. To schedule an appointment or request a service with an expert, please call your agent.

Expert Service Area(s)
Eric "9Davine" Townsend Produce, Package, Promote
Max Gousse Produce, Promote
Jeff Severson Produce, Promote
Vinnie Parrish Produce, Promote
Morgan Benton Produce, Package
Dusty Rose Produce
Cindy Kunst Package
Mike Harbin Package
Niki Barr Produce, Package, Promote
Scott Ensign Produce
Greg Berger Produce, Package
April Sims Package, Promote
Kara Allan Package, Promote

Below are diverse samples of production, recording, photography, graphic design, website development, and publicity. Call your agent to receive samples by email.




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SplashKit rate sheet and FAQs are the just the beginning of what's available here. In spare time between projects, SplashKit experts are encouraged to provide any resources they have written or discovered that would prove useful to you. Enjoy!


From professionals we've signed to publish and/or manage, to SplashKit experts with active independent careers, here's where many dreams become reality.

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SplashKit Experts

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Jeff Severson | Songs: If I Had My Way | Icebreaker | Pipeline
Vinnie Parrish | Songs: Blah Blah Blah | Ready for Love | Manic Depressive

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